Luokkakokous 3 – a hilarious action comedy

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Luokkakokous 3

Trailer for the Finnish Action comedy Luokkakokous 3.

Luokkakokous 3 is third installment of the succesfull Finnish Action comedies Luokkakokous our Scandinavian Stunt Group was hired to do some compleks wire sequences.
Director of Luokkakokous 3 was famous action director Renny Harlin (Long Kiss Goodnight, Cliffhanger, Die Hard 2 etc.)
The movie is starring amongst others Finnish comedian Sami Hedberg whom we had up in wires flying.
Sami Hedberg & Deni Jordan
The team working on the difficult wire sequences were Sfx supervisor Hummer Hojmark, stuntmen Niklas Brennsund & Conor Hegarty and Stuntcoordinator Deni Jordan
Stuntteam for Luokkakokous 3

The other wirestunts we setup were for example a very difficult and dangerous spinning move performed by stuntman Niklas Brennsund.

The stunt is Sami Hedberg tackling Niklas who then flies up in the air and out in a 40 cm deep fountain while spinning in the air 2,5 times before hitting the shallow water.
Stunt were perfectly executed both by performer aswell as stuntteam.
Wirework for Luokkakokous 3