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2022 Dor el Omor – a thrilling story

The Lebanese show 2022 Dor el Omor aka The Role is a psychological thriller in which a disturbed woman choses a fictional character as her unlikely ally in a game of vengeance.

Check out Dor el Omor trailer below
The stunts in 2022 Dor el Mor were fight choreography and shootouts aswell as some car chase. Deni Jordan was the stuntcoordinator on set making sure that all the action went smooth.
Jordan was helped out by assistant coordinator Conor Hegarty who also did some of the stunts.
After shooting the cool Downtown show in which we did loads of fight scenes, we had to create a different kind of fight scene in 2022 Dor el Omor since we had a long fight between the 2 main characters.
Here is a trailer which is on youtube but it is different video snippet edited together with news stuff. The trailer can be seen from 0.15- 0.56