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Stunt Coordination

The past 25 years, our work has provided stunts for over 300 movies, stunt coordination, car stunt, stunt actors, stunt crew, Stunts for Series, Stunts for Television, movies film stunt coordinator, professional stunt coordinator, stunt man, stunt performers, Group Stunt casting, Stunt double, TV series  and commercials. Here are some of the latest examples of our work.
Car stunt and precision driving
Here is a perfect example of our work and capabilities in terms of car stunts and precision driving.


This extract is from the movie El Khaleya aka The Cell, where Deni Jordan was Action Director and Stunt Coordinator .  We are especially proud of this intense car chase where we had 10 days for prep and then 6 days of 17 hour shooting days to complete the wild chase.


The car chase is full of cool stunts and action. There were some gags that director Tarek Alarian insisted on being included into the car chase and which European Stuntteam & Stunt Coordinator Deni Jordan solved with precision and perfection.
Our extremely experienced stuntcoordinator Deni Jordan has stunt coordinated huge aswell as small productions over the years and has won, among other things, the unofficial world championship in stunt at the Moscow Prometheus Festival of Stunt, Art & Cinematography and has been nominated for a Taurus World Stunt Award as best foreign stunt coordinator  outside the US in 2010, 2014 and 2020.

Our work 

Fights and Falls
We have over time created a vast amount of ​​fights for movies, series and television. Whether it is a realistic fight or a complex choreographed fight, we at European Stuntteam can solve it. Here are 2 examples of our work in fights.


Hard and wet fight
For the Norwegian crime noir series “Wisting” which premiered on Sundance starring Sven Nordin & Carrie Ann Moss (“Matrix”) Deni Jordan stunt coordinated a great final fight scene between Wisting and main bad guy which started with a hard rock fall and ended in the water in the month of October which is cold in Norway. 

Our work Wisting rock fallOur work Wisting water fight

A fight on the edge
In the egyptian succesfull movie “Kasablanka” (Taurus nominated for best action in a foreign feature) Deni Jordan choreographed a long end scene incl. car hit and fighting on the edge of a steep cliff. The fight was between main character Amir Karara & Turkish actor Halit Ergenc playing the bad guy. 


Due to the nature of the long fight scene and the dangerous location we had to take several security measures and rehearse the fight a lot. Furthermore we had a Ford Mustang on the edge of a cliff with a 50 meter drop that we secured with a crane for the fight scene and later dropped the 50 meters. Here are a couple of screengrabs from the movie. 

Our work Kasablanka car on the edge Our work double car hit

At European stuntteam we have a great experience in wirework, rigging and securing actors. Here are some examples of our work using wires in productions. 
A lot of pulls and spins
Shooting the crazy production of the action movie “Hamlet Pheroun” we were faced with wirework almost every day we were doing action which was lots of days over a period of 6 months. We were blowing people up, shooting people and doing fight scenes and the 2 chief riggers Judd Wild and Otto Tangstad never had a dull moment. Below are some shots from the production. wirework running along wall Hamlet Pheroun     
wirework climbing wall Hamlet Pheroun      wirework throwing stuntgirl Hamlet Pheroun
Fullburn, Semiburn & Explosions
We have been on fire for more than a 100 times on productions. Wheter it is a person on blazing fire with the whole body immersed in flames, a semi burn with a stuntman on fire sitting on a chair for a musicvideo or a comedy short with somebody’s crotch on fire we have done it. We have the necessary experience to do the burn or burns with full safety for the stunt or actor doing the gag. Below are some examples of burns we have done for productions. 


The Judge semiburn  Wallander BBC fullburn

Specialty Stunts
During the years we have had a massive request for specialty stunts, some of them more weird than others. 
Amongs others we can mention getting pulled by a car waterskiing on a gravel road with 60 km/h, getting precision blown by airram backwards through a small window where frames were solid and making a car flip with a nitrogen cannon roll over to land on top of another car. 


What ever your production desires or have of crazy requests we promise to do our utmost to solve it the best way possible.  
Below are examples of our specialty stunts. 

Covert affairs specialty stunt nitrogen cannon roll over  Airram stunt rehearsal for commercial