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Best International Stunt Performer

About us- European Stuntteam is an international stunt team, founded in 1997 by Danish stuntman Deni Jordan.

The start
The thing about us is that European Stuntteam with Deni Jordan in the driver’s seat, has gone through a positive development starting up doing productions in Scandinavia but has within the recent years started to do productions all over Europe.
International status
Over the years, Deni Jordan has gained international status as a stunt coordinator and stuntman for television, film and commercials.
Our curriculum boasts both popular Scandinavian crime series such as “The Bridge” (Broen) SV, “Eyewitness” (Øyevitne) NO and international productions like the BBC produced “Wallander” starring Kenneth Branagh and Egyptian productions like “The Cell” & “Kasablanka”
Both in 2010, 2014 & 2020 Deni Jordan was nominated at the Taurus World Stunt Awards in Hollywood for best action in a foreign feature.
Our Forté as a team is our broad experience and professional attitude and approach. Film productions cost and stunt work is risky. “Safety first” and “Precision in all we do”, is our foundation.
Our claim to fame is that we understand to exploit stunt as an artistic effect. An element that is obvious in our work.
Today, European Stuntteam has earned international credibility and recognition due to our professionalism. This has provided us with a leading position within the Nordic film- and television productions, and given us an increasing number of opportunities also outside of the Nordic countries.

About us

Working with European Stuntteam, guarantees you as a filmmaker, professional advice and a unique guidance in the script phase and during production.
We provide all relevant gear and take full responsibility for actors and crew.
European Stuntteam has a close collaboration with Hummer Højmark and Danish Special Effects Service.