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Stunt in 2021 Netflix action Money Heist

Stunt in 2021 Netflix action Money Heist is the popular spanish series La Casa de Papel, the Spaniards came to Denmark to shoot a cool action sequence that takes place in the center of Copenhagen.

The Stunt in 2021 Netflix action Money Heist the series had a scene with a boat sailing through the busy canals. It was a complicated sequence where we had a large expensive speedboat sailing through the narrow canals and low bridges in central Copenhagen.

For the stunt in 2021 Money Heist Netflix action we had 5 days of preparation for something that might look simple, but which was actually quite complicated.

We had to time a boat sailing past our diver, which had to come up from the depths at just the right time to deliver a suitcase to the people in the boat.

Then he had to hook himself on the boat, as it sailed away and of course to make sure he did not get caught in the 2 powerful engines at the back of the boat.

stunt in 2021 money heist

We love such challenges in European Stuntteam with specially designed stunts and have solved loads of ​​such challenges over time. And when you get the time and budget to rehearse it so that it works optimally and is performed safely for the stunt people, it is a great pleasure to do such jobs.

This simple scene in Stunt in 2021 Netflix action Money Heist took us 5 days of rehearsals because in the middle of it all we had to change location. So we had to change location and start rehearsals from scratch.

And on top of it all we also had to change stunt double for one of the actors since the director was not happy with the looks of the one we found. But in the end it all turned out great and we made a great scene for the popular show.